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new banner

2011-11-10 06:50:07 by codbarley

aaaaaand This. That is all

new banner

Got some sweet stuff coming up for you guys.

2011-03-20 00:51:52 by codbarley

I've got a couple Rockin projects in the works right now! If you liked From The Deep, I've been collaberating with a kid that has an amazing voice.

we're working on:

A new dance track, called Get Down, with a pumping techno beat

Some chill jungle music featuring my friends awesome african chanting

And even an 80's tribute with awesome lyrics!

I can't forget that I'm writing a couple rap beats for my uncle as well.

Make sure you watch out for my new tracks cuz there will be some very diverse, quality music. I promise!

I also got a new profile picture as well. yeah, I'm a furry NG =D check out Koda the technomaster snow leopard!

Got some sweet stuff coming up for you guys.

hey people

2009-08-06 23:33:40 by codbarley

If you are interested in my style of music, I do take requests. Don't expect me to go too far out of my comfort zone, however. I'm almost always online so you will get a speedy reply from me.

So please feel free to hit me up on here or my MSN

Exposure FTW!

2009-07-13 22:22:52 by codbarley

I got a spot in an animation! there is this guy that wanted me to write him a song for his animation. I finished it earlier today and he loved it! he says he's gunna put it into the movie! for anybody that hasn't heard the song, check my audio section! be sure to check out some of my other submissions, as they are quite delicious!

well, I feel like shit....

2009-07-06 23:25:43 by codbarley

Just lost a friend today, in mind, not body. She was really close to me when we were kids and she just stopped talking to me for a while. Today, I got her online and asked if she wanted to hear my one of my songs. She insulted me several times, then removed and blocked me off the friends list. I've never been so hurt by anything. Im always able to shake even a death off of my shoulder. but this..this hut me in a place I couldn't even begin to describe. I'm just gunna go over in the corner and cry for a while now....

quote time!

2009-07-06 11:37:33 by codbarley

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery, but today is a gift. That is why it's called the present. -Master Oogway

Love that quote. best part of the whole movie

hai gauis! I gots Furryz!

2009-06-30 12:19:04 by codbarley

I drew something! well more like a reference drawing. I love furrys! Ive really wanted to drw them for a while now. suck at hands and its not done but I think its awesome. I really need to figure out how to do hands :/

hai gauis! I gots Furryz!

My Pic

2009-04-10 18:57:26 by codbarley

I just got a new Profile image thanks to my friend. It looks sick, don't it?